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End Your Job Search, Begin Your Job Match

At Job Match, we don’t see why job seekers should have to find work; and why your job has to be considered as work at all. So, we created an incredibly unique platform which makes securing your perfect job, easy.

Job Match works through it’s innovative algorithm. Our algorithm allows job seekers to match with job specifications, as created directly by employers - very similar to how a dating website works. Through this matching system, once an employer is matched with your profile, they then have the ability to personally invite you for an interview.

There is no more random job browsing; no more random job applications; no more middle people, meaning, you save time, competition for your perfect job is reduced, and you have direct contact with your potential employer.

So, bin your CV, sign up today and get invited for an interview for your ideal job.

Don’t just take our word for it...

  • “Without a doubt, the best system on the market for recruitment! We matched with a fantastic job seeker, invited them for an interview and offered employment. The whole process was complete within 3 days!”
    - Adrian McAdam, HR Manager
  • “Thank you Job Match. I was invited for an interview literally 1 hour after I hit the ‘Find me a Job’ button. I now have a really great job with really great colleagues”
    - Kerry Andrews, ex Job Seeker

How Job Match Works


Complete Profile Specification

Simply complete your profile specification by selecting the most relevant answer(s) to a dedicated set of questions. You also have the option of uploading your personal video, visually representing you as a person, and a potential colleague to employers. Research has shown that job seekers who upload a personal video have a 150% better chance of being invited for an interview, as an employer can measure your compatibility within their culture. Once you have completed your profile, hit the ‘Find me a Job!’ button, and let our algorithm do all the work. Simple.



View Your Interview Invites

Our system ensures that interview invites come to you, directly from employers themselves. Once you've been invited for an interview, you will get an email informing you of the great news. Log back into your Job Match profile to view your interview invite(s), and click into the job specification that has been set by the employer. You’ll be able to see what answers you did and didn’t match with. You’ll also be able to view their video, allowing you to get a great visual insight into their culture. This process grants you a thorough analysis of your potential new job.


Chat Directly With Employers

Once you have accepted a job interview, you are granted the ability to type talk directly with your potential colleague through our Chat system. Our Chat system allows both parties to arrange a mutually suitable location, time and date for an interview, as well as exchange any relevant documents to support your interview. Through utilisation of the Job Match Chat system, there is no more time wasting with middle people; instead, you can rely on efficiency which will help you secure your ideal job in no time at all.


Why Job Match?

  • No more job searches
  • No more job applications
  • No more middle persons
  • Massively reduced job seeker competition
  • No more CV’s
  • No more job rejections
  • Chat directly with employers
  • Match with employer job specifications

End your search now!