Match 100% with your perfect colleague

In today’s world, there are many, many ways to try to find the right person for your job vacancy. From social media channels, to countless job boards, to endless recruitment consultancies; knowing what to do is likely to be a very difficult task, not to mention expensive. Well, not anymore. Similar to how a dating website works, Job Match’s unique algorithm will match your job vacancy with your perfect colleague actively seeking a job. Furthermore, you are in complete control of the matching algorithm. Do you want job seekers who only match with 100% of your job vacancy? Not a problem. Are you willing to compromise on one or two of your requirements? Great, just drop the match toggle to 90%, or 80%, or even 50%; hey, the algorithm is in your control.

Pricing: £250 per job specification, which will gain you 5 interview invites per job vacancy.

Don’t just take our word for it…

  • “Well that took no time at all! Job Match has a truly unique concept. We grew very tired of the old way of recruitment, and spending literally thousands of pounds doing it. Job Match is everything we have been looking for”
    - Hayley Hopley, Inside Recruiter
  • “I wasn’t happy in my last job, so decided to start applying for other jobs. I wasn’t successful at all until I created my profile on Job Match. After 3 days I was invited for an interview, and am now in a fantastic job. Thank you”
    - Mike Hulse, ex Job Seeker

How Job Match Works


Complete Job Specification

Simply complete the set questions by selecting the most relevant answer(s) provided. Ensure that you upload your company video, visually representing your culture to prospective colleagues. Research has shown that employers who upload a company video have a 60% better chance of having their interview invite accepted by a job seekers, as job seekers can measure their compatibility with your company. Once you have completed your job specification(s), hit the ‘Find me a Colleague!’ button, and let our comprehensive matching system algorithm do all the work.




View Your Matched Job Seekers

Once you have created your job specification(s) and set your percentage match toggle, the system will automatically start matching you with job seekers actively looking for new employment. The ‘Matches’ section of your dashboard is where you can view and manage your matched job seekers. If employing for various roles, each position will be segmented appropriately, ensuring that everything is kept straight forward and easy to manage. Filter your matched job seekers by ‘New’, ‘Pending Invites’, ‘Accepted Invites’ and more, granting you complete control of the whole process.


View Matched Job Seeker Profiles

Once a match has been made, simply click into your matched job seeker to view their profile and personal video. Get a real understanding of your prospective colleague and how they may or may not fit with your job specification and company culture. A job seekers profile will show you what answers they match and don't match with your own job specification, as well as showing you their personal description and video.


Invite Job Seekers to an Interview

Have you been matched with your ideal colleague? Of course you have! All you have to do now is hit the “Invite for Interview’ button. The invited job seeker can now view your job specification and either accept or decline the interview invite. Once accepted, you have the ability to type talk directly with your potential colleague through our Chat system. Our Chat system allows both parties to arrange a mutually suitable location, time and date for an interview, as well as exchange any relevant documents to support the interview. Through utilisation of the Job Match Chat system, the whole recruiting process is kept very quick and efficient.

Why Job Match?

  • No more extortionate recruitment fees
  • No more middle persons
  • No more unqualified applicants
  • No more CV’s
  • Match directly with active job seekers
  • Choose you own match percentage
  • Watch job seeker videos
  • Employ in days

End your search now!